RD500 in RS250 Fahrwerk als TZR500 zu verkaufen

  • gerade im Kleinanzeigenteil der IGK gefunden:

    Aprilia RS250 frame, Yamaha RD500 engine block, Yamaha TZ4DP cylinders, Dellorto VHSB 38 carburetors, Ignitech programmable ignition, Ducati dry clutch, Honda RS125 alternator, Dynacpil racing coils, Pingel race fuel tap, lightweight lithium battery, Athon RW GPS lap timer, Mylaps transponder, Tyga silencers, TZ2504DP exhaust, PVM wheels and Honda RSW250 bodywork, etc. Bike is custom built and weighs 146kg. Power is 131RWHP and runs on pump fuel. (should be possible to get some more power by improving jetting and ignition)

  • O.O 28.000,-€ soll das Ding kosten!